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Forum Opportunities

3 Research Assistantships

The Forum on Geopolitics (CoGGS) is pleased to advertise 3, three-hour per-week 'Ax:son Johnson Research Assistantships in Applied History'. The Assistantships will commence as soon as possible.

1. The appointees will support, intellectually and organisationally, one of the ongoing research themes at the Forum on Geopolitics. Organisational responsibilities will include organising and overseeing events and initiatives, managing and liaising with various stakeholders including speakers, special guests, and invitees; providing information for advertising and social media; and budget reporting on events.

2. Applicants should send a CV, short letter of recommendation from their supervisor, and a one-page cover letter that addresses their interest in the field of Applied History and relevant experience in event planning or advertising.

The Assistantships will normally be filled by PhD candidates. They will be tenable for 9 months from appointment or to the award of the PhD, whichever is sooner. They are paid through the TES scheme at Grade 5 equivalent, up to 3 hours per week, £14 per hour. Depending on the nature of the work, agreed expenses may be payable.

Please send applications to Dr Thomas Peak by 22 November 2019: