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Isabella Warren

Isabella  Warren

Research and Admin Assistant

Isabella Warren joined POLIS in November 2016 as Research Assistant at the Centre for Rising Powers, assisting the Director Dr Kun Chin Lin on the project “Maritime Governance in 21st Century Asia”. Isabella has organised conferences, talks, provided research support, including bibliographic resources, for Dr Lin’s research group.

She is a Russian linguist having graduated from the University of Durham in 1975. Later she was awarded a Diploma in East-West Trade Studies. After working for the British Council, the Central Office of Information and the Bell School of Languages, she took up the post of Russian Bibliographer at the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI), University of Cambridge in October 1990 where she remained until November 2016.

During her time at SPRI Isabella supported the research of UK and international scholars of the Russian North. She maintained strong links with Russian institutions and made several trips to the country to strengthen contacts and obtain publications and other research materials unavailable through normal channels. The Russian Collection in the SPRI Library is extensive and unrivalled. During her time at SPRI she developed a wide network of scholars, writers, journalists and individuals pursuing their own research on the Russian North and Arctic.

In COGGS she works as both as a Research Assistant and Admin Assistant