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The Anglo World and its Enemies

The Anglo World refers to a community of English-speaking states, nations and societies centered on Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. While there have been frequent and bitter disagreements between the different branches of the Anglo World, the English-speaking peoples have between them established a global system of power, finance, culture and trade over the past three centuries, and above all, a shared emphasis on parliamentary government. The number and range of adversaries the Anglo World has confronted in that time is striking, including the Boers, the international slave trade, imperial and Nazi Germany, communist Russia and Islamist terrorism. There are important continuities between the international capitalist order that the British Empire played a leading role in establishing prior to the Second World War and the global system that the United States is chiefly responsible for underwriting today.

Our research will seek to address several crucial questions:

  • Do the English-speaking peoples approach international politics with a particular, shared cultural and political agenda?
  • Were the various enemies of the English-speaking powers over the past three centuries motivated by an "anti-Anglophone" ideology?
  • What were the different military, diplomatic and economic strategies adopted by the English-speaking nations to advance their interests?
  • How have the English-speaking nations marshaled their economic, political, cultural and military resources to defeat their enemies?
  • Is there a distinctive Anglophone geopolitics or grand strategy?


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