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Mr. Flamur Krasniqi is the second recipient of a PhD bursary generously supported by the Cambridge Security Initiative

last modified Nov 26, 2019 08:23 PM

Mr. Flamur Krasniqi is the second recipient of a PhD bursary generously supported by the Cambridge Security Initiative for a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge's Department of Politics and International Studies studying European geopolitics, past or present.

Currently in the second year of his PhD programme, Mr. Krasniqi is completing his research under the supervision of Professor Brendan Simms, which focuses on the evolving U.S. approach and response towards armed Albanian trans-boundary secessionism in the Balkans between 1998—2001, and how this influenced America’s emerging regional strategy based on the maintenance of recognised borders driven by a need to placate Albanian grievances in the region and a democratisation policy intended to convert Serbia into a responsible regional actor.

Rooted in Applied History, the work is also intended to look towards understanding what lessons can be drawn from these cases when approaching other current and potential future armed trans-boundary secessionist movements around the globe that challenge American security interests in and out of Europe, such as; resurgent Serbian nationalism in the Balkans; Russian armed separatists in Eastern Europe and Kurdish autonomist and independence movements in the Middle-East.

To complete his research, Mr. Krasniqi will be conducting archival work at the William J. Clinton and George W. Bush Presidential Libraries in the U.S. as well as interviews with former Clinton and W. Bush administration officials. The generous bursary donated by the Cambridge Security Initiative will support Mr. Krasniqi’s research by funding additional necessary fieldwork in Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia, attendance to academic conferences in the U.S. and EU as well as a forthcoming pre-doctoral fellowship in the United States.  

The Forum on Geopolitics is delighted to welcome Mr. Krasniqi, and we are very grateful for the generosity shown by the Cambridge Security Initiative.