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New Military Intervention Series

last modified May 01, 2018 04:28 PM
The Forum on Geopolitics is delighted to announce a new series on military intervention, convened by Dr. Stefano Recchia and Dr. Aaron Rapport. Look out for events in this series in Michaelmas 2018.

Powerful states have intervened militarily abroad for centuries to advance their interests and promote their preferred forms of political and economic order. In modern times, military intervention reached its high point during the Cold War; but military intervention has far from disappeared in recent years. The United States and its Western allies, but also Russia and other powerful states, have continued to intervene in their neighbourhood and sometimes beyond to protect human and ethnic minority rights, secure access to natural resources, and promote and uphold their preferred forms of political order. This speaker series will bring international experts to Cambridge with the goal of illuminating the politics and ethics of contemporary military interventions. Questions to be addressed include: How has the legitimacy of military intervention changed in recent years, and does it matter? How can we theorize and better understand current military intervention decision making by the major powers? What are the implications of the current “intervention fatigue” among Western powers in particular? As the nature of military interventions changes due to social, political, and technological transformations, this series aims to shed light on these important developments with real-world implications.

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