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Strategic Simulations

Each year the Forum on Geopolitics runs a strategic simulation exercise. Bringing together former leaders (including past secretaries of state, party leaders, ambassadors, and senior military officers) with serving officials, post-graduate students and leading academics we examine a notional but realistic foreign or national security policy event set in the near future.  We simulate a developing crisis in real time, requiring participants to confront the dilemmas, contradictions and confusions of the type actually faced by decision makers. This approach takes us to the heart of the geopolitics of a particular issue, but also explores the contemporary mechanisms of foreign, defence and national security decision making. Recent exercises have focused on EU cohesion after Brexit, Russian posture in the Baltic region and the Northern Ireland border. 

People specialising in this area

 Suzanne Raine

Student feedback on strategic simulation at the Forum on Geopolitics: 

"It was a very enjoyable and insightful event in culminating our class' study of European geopolitics from 1453-1871."

"It was interesting to explore how observable concepts in early modern Europe can, or cannot, be applied to contemporary Europe and how the modern world has in some respects attenuated rather than negated some of the geopolitical issues of the past."